Best head tennis racquets reviews

Best head tennis racquets reviews

Head Tennis Racquets are technological advance , designed for advance and profession tennis players. Head used some of the innovative rackets design and material engineering to deliver perfect combination of speed and power. YOUTEK Head tennis Racquets with d3o and Teflon grommets are suitable for those player who wants a racket to quickly adopts the changing needs of tennis game. Tennis Racquets at khelmart with detail catalogue of Head  Racquets give tennis players added advantage to select the perfect one. While Head racquets are best but what are the key technology behind and how these technologies can improve the game of a tennis player , these are the important question to be asked before you rush onto online or offline

YouTeK – The Game Changer- YouTek technology focus on individual playing style and need. With YOUTEK Tennis Player can dominate on game with innovative technology. YouTek gives extra edge to Tennis player and increase the possibility of game improvement.

D3o : During Tennis game , Racquet goes under intense dynamic loading and due to this dynamic loading , racket design and its material play key role to sustain it and turn it to winning shot. D3o , A Smart material gives the tennis racquet more controlled behaviour during impact loading.D3o is a sub category of dilatant foams . D3o gives flexibility to tennis racquets to adopt the shape based on playing condition. For example , during impact loading , tennis racquet need stiffer material property while on drop shot   a softer touch is required.D3o during impact loading quickly change the molecule position and lock the molecules together to give stiffer racquet feel , while on drop shots molecules absorbs the energy to give softer feel to racquets. Tennis Player will feel different with d3o technology.

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Head Teflon Grommets with Friction Reduce Polymer :

Friction plays important role in engineering and it can not be ignored. In Tennis Racquets grommets , Friction plays key role in string movement. If the frication is more  between string and grommets then string movement will be less and result into power loss . To overcome this problem of friction , Head design the grommets with Teflon (with friction reduce polymer ) material , Teflon is a self lubricant material normally used in heavy duty engineering bearing where low or no friction is needed. With Teflon grommets , tennis rackets observed less or no friction between strings and grommets. As friction is comparatively low so strings move on grommets freely and give perfect energy level required for variety of tennis shots.

Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova are the world’s top tennis athletes that play with a Head tennis racket. If you are looking for the best Head racket, please have a look at our stevegtennis shop page and you can choose the racquet that will help you to raise your game to the next level.

Head is a quality and very recognisable brand in the world of tennis, which is most renowned for manufacturing top quality racquets. What many people may not know is that the company does actually have two major focusses; tennis and alpine sports, with the company creating top of the range skiing and snowboarding equipment as well as its work within tennis.

It was in fact within the skiing market that the company traces its roots, having been found by aeronautical engineer Howard Head in 1950 after he returned to Baltimore from a ski trip. It was in the late 1960’s that Head’s tennis division was created, when Howard Head realised that tennis racquets could be strengthened and improved by the addition of an aluminium frame.

The Aluminium racquets pioneered by Head gained increased popularity and were introduced to the US Open in 1969. Just six years later, Arthur Ashe won the tournament with help from the sponsorship provided by Head, and from this point on the company’s tennis division went from strength to strength. Head is now a leader in the tennis equipment market and in 2012 sponsored three different Grand Slam Winners in one calendar year; Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open, Maria Sharapova at the French, and Andy Murray at the US.

Head’s current racquets are split into different ranges known as the ‘Prestige’, ‘Radical’, ‘Speed’, ‘Instinct’ and ‘Extreme’ ranges, which all include different features and benefits to optimise lots of different playing styles.

One of the most notable elements of Head tennis racquets is the widespread use of Graphene as a frame component. Graphene is especially useful for tennis racquets as it is strong and durable whilst maintaining a very light weight.

Whatever your playing style, Head tennis racquets can help you get the most out of your game and stay at the forefront of racquet technology.

As a summary , with d3o and Teflon grommets , Players will get following benefits:

  • D2o provides super material property to racquet frame.
  • Racquet frame quickly adjust its property for changing need of the game (for Impact loading & drop shots).
  • More Power and Control on tennis shots.
  • With Teflon grommets , Players will feel better energy management during short delivery.

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